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Meet the team

Tim Eastham

Tim founded Eastham Engineering in 2010 to provide specialist engineering services to Insurers and adjusters. Prior to forming Eastham Engineering, Tim had 8 years of industrial experience in the gas turbine manufacturing and machine tool industries and 13 years’ experience as specialist loss adjuster dealing mostly with engineering losses, particularly concerning gas and steam turbines and other rotating machinery. Tim is a Chartered Mechanical Engineer and Chartered Loss Adjuster, and has been based in Bahrain since 2021.

Telephone: +973 3905 9199

Michael Henderson

Michael is a Chartered Engineer and specialist in turbine damage assessment and root cause failure investigation, with over 30 years’ experience in the field of aero and industrial turbine materials, manufacturing and life assessment. Areas of expertise include steam and gas turbine engineering, power station component lifing and failure mechanisms, maintenance & inspection, product & process developments for high-temperature power generation plant. In addition to his work with Eastham Engineering, Michael has his own Singapore-based consultancy, Henderson Metallurgical.

Telephone: +65 9184 9574

John Dodgson

John is a Chartered Engineer with over 40 years of experience in the turbine maintenance business with a particular emphasis on gas turbine component repair. He has followed the development and technology of the industrial gas turbine repair business since its origins in the 1970’s in both engineering and senior management roles. He has been instrumental in the setup of successful repair facilities in The Netherlands, Russia, USA, UK, Thailand and Malaysia. In addition to his work with Eastham Engineering, John has his own consultancy GTRoc Ltd.

Telephone: +60 19 387 6301

Jonathan Lloyd

Jonathan is a Metallurgist and Chartered engineer with over 25 years of experience in the energy industry and petroleum sector. He has led (and authored reports for) a large number failure investigations and root cause analysis studies. He has expert knowledge of a wide range of process and power plant equipment and technologies. Jonathan has considerable expertise investigating failures of boilers and HRSGs, as well as other static and rotating equipment. In addition to his work with Eastham Engineering, Jonathan has his own consultancy Peritium Technologies.

Telephone: +65 9738 6255

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